Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Maidstone Land Subdivision

'The Commission has given consideration to the extremely undesirable conditions obtaining in existing subdivisions in a tract of country at Maidstone in the Shire of Braybrook.
'Nearly all of the subdivisions in this area were surveyed many years ago during a land boom. In the village of Maidstone and its vicinity many of the allotments measure 26 feet frontage by 66 feet depth a superficial area of 1,758 square feet!
'Although the Shire of Braybrook has a bylaw which prohibits a repetition of such small allotments, no power exists which will permit amendments being made to conditions existing prior to the passing of this by-law. The Shire of Braybrook has taken steps as opportunity has occurred to secure tow or more allotments and in other ways in an endeavour to prevent the perpetuation of unsatisfactory conditions which would arise if the original allotments were built on. Without effective legislation very little can be done, especially with regard to main traffic routes, reserves, zoning, building regulations, from a health point of view, etc. etc.
'The Commission suggests, as a basis of discussion, that action be taken to secure legislation to have the whole are [sic] resubdivided in accordance with modern town planning principles. It is probably that if this area were replaced the gross are which would be available for housing purposes would be little less than that now available on account of the existing subdivision being wasteful and extravagant in the provision of useless streets. If this action were taken, the present property owners could then be given approximately the same area of land in a similar location to that held by them prior to resumption.
'The preparation and carrying out of the scheme could be entrusted to a town Planning Department acting in conjunction with the Shire of Braybrook.'
'Notes for Conference with Williamstown and Footscray City Councils and the Braybrook Shire Council - to be held at Footscray Town Hall, at 8 p.m., 3rd June, 1926.' in 'Footscray- City A/F 2' folder, MTPC archives, Public Records Office Victoria box no. 10281

Monday, September 25, 2017

Reserve between Bradford St, Warralong Crescent and Wiluna St, Coolbinia, Western Australia

This is the northernmost of the internal reserves in Hope and Klem's Menora Estate, which was developed later than most of the estate (to the same basic plan) and named Coolbinia. More to follow.

 Evidence of permeable fences. 
Entrance from Wiluna St. 

It's on google maps here.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Hill Crystals and Rosary Crystals, Boerne, Texas

This project, by Marion Mahony Griffin commissioned by Lola Lloyd, was not built.

'The drawing "Hill Crystals and its Suburb Rosary Crystals" is dated January 1943. There are 118 residential sites distributed according to modified Radburn and Garden City planning principle, with common nature reserves joining them... At the centre of each is a circle with a building and in the residential area a nature reserve similar to those in Castlecrag.' Anna Rubbo, 'Marion Mahony's Return to the United States; War, Women and "Magic"' in David Van Zanten (ed) Marion Mahony Reconsidered University of Chicago Press, Chicago 2011, pp. 134-5